We present FRESH COLOR, an innovative system of colour selection. The latest technology used in the production of the mixer brings measurable benefits that are crucial in the varnishing work. The colourbox we varnish gives a guarantee of very strong suitability of the mixed varnish to the flashcard. The correct choice of colour is provided by a dedicated, intuitive recipe programme that allows to "track" the recipe by car varnish number or chromatically. The system includes a set of colourants that allow to obtain acrylic, base and pearl varnishes. In addition, we can get varnishes: 1K alkyd in gloss or matte finish, polyurethanes in gloss, semi-matte, and matte finish. One mixer and two applications: as a mixer of car varnishes, and a mixer of industrial varnishes!!!

However, the greatest advantage of the system is the value for money.