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We present FRESH COLOR, an innovative system of colour selection. The latest technology used in the production of the mixer brings measurable benefits that are crucial in the varnishing work. The colourbox we varnish gives a guarantee of very strong suitability of the mixed varnish to the flashcard. The correct choice of colour is provided by a dedicated, intuitive recipe programme that allows to "track" the recipe by car varnish number or chromatically...


2-component acrylic primers for car refinishing with a low content of volatile compounds. Easy mixing and application process and very good stability on vertical surfaces are their main advantages. Very good filling properties and adhesion. They can be used on zinc, aluminium and even glass!

Clear varnishes

with medium and high solids content. A product with high hardness, perfect transparency and high gloss. It is characterised by very good resistance to climatic factors, UV, chemical and mechanical radiation. All our varnishes have additives that minimise the attraction of impurities from the environment, the FAST SAFE system. When applied, they form a coating very quickly that reduces the adhesion of impurities very much - This is our proprietary idea, especially useful in the so-called garage varnishing.


An essential component for hardening acrylic, polyurethane and clear varnishes. Produced in the economy, normal, premium and exclusive qualities. They are perfectly suitable for hardening FRESH brand varnishing products.

Base, Acrylic and Polyurethane varnishes

A group of base, acrylic and polyurethane varnishes considered by us as the most popular in the current market. These are several colours of cars, which our customers have reported as the most popular (numbering as in the picture). These are varnishes compatible with painting the base from the SIKKENS system...


Resins used as a binder of pigment pastes are a component of varnish systems, do not have any chemical security and are therefore compatible with all mixers available in our market. The advantage of our base resin is the technology ensuring the adhesion of all clear varnishes!


mixture of specially selected solvents, intended for thinning down base, acrylic, polyurethane varnishes and primers. The ST 55 Base Thinner is worth mentioning. Designed especially for "difficult" colours, such as silver, gold, etc. It eliminates very clearly the effect of the so-called base clouding, or shadow formation...


1K plastic primer. Use as a connector between plastic and acrylic primer. Silicone antistatic remover. It removes silicone dirt on the varnished surface, additionally collects electric charges so that the surface does not attract dust. Effect of an anti-static cloth. Matting paste - mechanically mats acrylic and polyurethane varnishes...